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Product Care

Make your Furniture Look Good

Wooden furniture is one of the most popular home accessories and whether you have bought the dining room set from our store or the sleek dining tables and chairs, where you love to dine, all of them need good care.

A common perception among most people is that occasional dusting is sufficient for maintaining quality of dining set or other furniture. However, this is a myth because wood furniture reacts to several factors, which include sunlight, moisture and temperature fluctuations. This means that it is important to pamper your wooden furniture pieces regularly so that they stay in shape. Here is a specific guideline that would help you to take care of your furniture.


Dusting is the basic process for keeping your dining table, kitchen table and chairs and other furniture clean. Regular dusting removes deposits that can scratch surface of the furniture and harm them. Classic feather dusters, soft clothes are ideal for removing dust particles from wooden table, kitchen table or even leather dining chairs. However, if you use completely dry clothes for dusting, the dust can get scattered and deposit itself again on the furniture. To avoid this, use a slightly wet cloth.  

Cleaning the Furniture

Ideally, you should never use cleaning sprays on your wooden tables, chairs or bench. However, using it is comparatively safer, if the tables and chairs possess a plastic coating.

Using water for cleaning wooden furniture is not safe as it may leave stains on the furniture. However, in certain situations, you may have to use water for cleaning the sticky areas. The strategy is to dip the cleaning cloth in water that contains mild dissolved detergent, squeeze the extra water and wipe the sticky areas. Now, wipe the area again with a soft and clean cloth.

To Polish or not to Polish

While it is true that furniture oils and oil polishes make the surface slippery, thus protecting the furniture somewhat, the reality is that they don’t provide the furniture with a strong, protective cover.

Most furniture liquid polishes and sprays are effective in offering some protection to the furniture pieces. However, over time, these can leave residues, thus forcing you to hire professional services for removing them. In case you don’t want to take a risk, here’s a homemade recipe that would allow you to clean your wooden furniture safely: put equal parts of lemon juice, ethanol, olive oil and oil of turpentine in a bowl and mix it thoroughly. Now use a soft cloth for applying the mixture on the furniture. Wipe off the residue with a clean cloth.

Waxing the Furniture

Waxing counter height dining set or bar stools is crucial because during the manufacturing process, certain materials such as varnish or shellac are used for protecting surface of the wooden furniture. Waxing the furniture protects this finish and even removes surface scratches. As compared to furniture polishes, wax offers a stronger and durable protection to the furniture. Moreover, it doesn’t smear or leave residues.

Ideally, you should use wax that has been specifically made for cleaning the furniture. Usually, these are of two types-liquid and paste wax. While liquid wax is easy to apply, it may not last long and so, you need to apply it regularly. Paste wax finish, however, can last up to two years, but it depends on the usage procedure.

Always use light coats for applying wax on dining chairs and tables. Once you have applied the finish, ensure that the finish has been completely dissolved in the furniture. Rub, if required. Let it dry and use a clean cloth for highlighting the fresh shine. Consider the fact that you should never apply wax in thick coats because these may leave unwanted streaks.

An Easy Process for Cleaning Treasured Inherited Furniture

Inherited furniture pieces have a sentimental value for most of us and for this reason, it’s crucial to know the correct ways of cleaning them. You can use this following easy process.

  • Use a commercial furniture cleaning product for cleaning your treasured round kitchen table set. Follow the instructions strictly.
  • Opt for a good restoring product for restoring your precious furniture. Choose the right shade and use a small wire wool for working on a small area at one time. Apply light or medium pressure and afterward, wipe the area with a soft cloth.
  • Follow a monthly care of waxing or using orange oil for maintaining the precious furniture pieces.

Cleaning and Maintaining Furniture Items bought at a Sale

Occasionally, budget constraint forces us to buy dining room chairs, counter stool or tables at a sale. However, even in such cases, you can implement certain tricks for increasing visual appeal of the furniture and preserving it. Follow this easy step-by-step process.

Clean the Furniture

The first step is to clean the chairs, tables or other furniture pieces you have bought. Start by cleaning the furniture with water and oil soap. Pat it dry. If it still appears dirty, dip a wire wool in a good cleaning product and use it on the dirty areas. If you think that the furniture is excessively grim, choose products that can dissolve oil and solvent based residues.

For polishing the wooden kitchen table set, avoid using products that contain white vinegar, turpentine oil or linseed oil because these can provide the furniture with a dark appearance and even attract dust.  Instead, go for paste wax.

Freshen Up

If you think that dining set has a lingering smell, place it outside on a warm day. However, ensure that direct sunrays don’t fall over it. You can also use talcum powder on the surface for removing the odor. If the furniture possesses an in-built drawer, you can rub a white candle on upper edges of the drawer.

Polishing Hard Parts of the Furniture

Remove these hard pieces and use a metal cleaner for cleaning them. Allow them to dry and afterward, reattach them.

Removing the Scratches

If you find the furniture lightly scratched, opt for a paste wax or even a touch up pen. For removing deeper scratches on dining room chairs and tables, buy a wax stick or wood filler available at any home décor store. Ensure that the shade matches color of the furniture as closely as possible. Also, for providing your furniture with an even look, apply it in several layers, rather than a single, thick layer.