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9 PC dining table set for 8-dining room table and 8 chairs for dining room

  • 9 Pc  Plainville Dining Room Set Table Wih  Leaf And 8  Wood Chairs
252.00 LBS
In Stock
Free Shipping


9 Piece Plainville Table with Double Pedestal and 8 Wood Seat Chairs in Black and Cherry Finish.


- The Plainville table and chairs set has a beautiful finish possessing a countryside laid back ambiance.

- Blending together the easy care of a smooth hardwood kitchen table top with traditional designed legs for that distinctive look.

- The smooth oval dining table top, that expands to 78", provides a good amount of room from this dining table and chairs for family members and visitors.

- A fashionable shape of each 38" high chair supplies a unique visual perspective.

- The pleasurably alluring kitchen chairs will always make virtually any home's kitchen wonderful.

- The neutral Black and Cherry color technique of the table and chairs quite easily integrates with existing dining room or kitchen furnishings.


- Table Width 42in, Length 60in extended to 78in with 18in self storage leaf, Height 30in.

- Chair Width 18in, Depth 18in, Back Height 38in.


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Product Reviews


    Posted by John M. Snyder on 16th Jun 2014

    If you are looking for a quality dining room set, at a spectacular price, that will be delivered for free right to your door, then you need to look no further than this seller.

    I am absolutely serious when I say that this is the best deal, and smoothest transaction, that I have ever made.

    If you read any of my other posts then you see that I do not sugar coat my reviews. You also see that it is exceeding rare that I ever give a seller, or their products, a 5 star rating, but this one deserves 10 stars as I cannot find a single complaint with the product, with the seller, or with this transaction.

    We have been looking for a new dining room set for some time. Our old one, while still solid, has lasted through our kids and two grand kids, and is pretty dinged up. Since we have the entire clan over every other Sunday for dinner, we were looking for a new set that had room for everyone and at least 8 chairs. While searching for sets that met our needs we happened to find this set online. But, we did not buy this set straight off and instead decided to shop around locally first.

    Living in North Carolina, a state that is known its furniture building, there are at least a dozen furniture stores within easy driving distance from my home, and we checked out every single one of them before ordering this dining room set. What we found was that the cheapest comparable dining room set that we could find, a 60 inch table made of solid wood,which could be expanded to 78 inches with its hidden folding wing leaf, was going to set us back NEARLY 3000 DOLLARS! Even at that exuberant price, the sets sold locally was not nearly as pretty, or as solidly constructed, AND they only came with 6 chairs, not 8 chairs like this one does. Plus, the local business expected me to pay an extra $75 just to have them deliver it, and that did not even include assembly!

    When we placed our order this product had no reviews whatsoever (mine is the first), and although I have ordered literally hundred of things online, as you might imagine I was very, VERY, leery of placing an order for over $1000, for something that had no reviews, and which was as large as an entire dining room set. I was raised to believe that "If something sounds too good to be true it normally is", and so I was also more than just a bit skeptical of buying this after we had checked out local dining room sets and found that this one was about 1/3 the price of the others! The price just seemed to unbelievable,and FREE shipping all the way from Connecticut on an item that weighs over 300 pounds? Surely something had to be fishy her,right??

    Well, after all the shopping around, my wife and still hesitated for two whole days,and read as much as we could find about the seller, but finally after a lot of nail biting, we placed our order. After all, we figured that the worst that could happen was we could just send the whole damned thing back for a full refund it it wasn't what we expected.

    Well folks, I am very happy to report that all my skepticism was completely unjustified. This deal may seem way to too good to be true, but you have the promise of this old retired Marine that this is absolutely legitimate, and that you will not be disappointed if you decide to order this product. This IS one of the best purchases I have ever made, and we are completely satisfied with everything about this product, this seller, and this transaction.

    Here are 10 reasons why :

    1. Communication with the seller was outstanding! The seller contacted me within 24hours, by email, to let me know the details of delivery (which was by Fedex Freight)

    2. I had my order within 3 days. I placed my order on Tuesday and it was delivered to my door the Friday morning of that same week.

    3. The dining room was delivered to my door, in 6 boxes, that were well packaged, and completely undamaged. There was not a single scratch on anything!

    4 Shipping, from the seller in Hartford Connecticut to my door here in North Carolina was FREE, no kidding, it was absolutely FREE!

    5. The entire dining room set is made out of HEAVY,SOLID HARDWOOD, no plywood, no press board, no pine, no veneer just good old fashioned solid hardwood.

    6 The set is solidly constructed, expertly, and beautifully finished. It looks exactly like the picture.

    7. The wing leaf is very cool! It hides away inside the table so you do not need to find a place to store it. It also works very smoothly, is well constructed, and is also mad of solid hardwood just like the table.

    8. The set comes with 8 chairs which are also, beautiful and very solidly constructed.

    9. The legs of the table and chairs do need to be installed when you receive the set, but that assembly is extremely simple (my wife and me had it completed in less than an hour), all hardware is included, and the two tools that are needed (a 13mm wrench and an Allen key) are included.

    10. For a little more than $1000 I was able to purchase an absolutely beautiful, 60 inch table, which expands to a 78 table, with 8 solidly constructed and beautifully finished chairs. While the cheapest comparable set that I was able to find locally,one which was not nearly as pretty as this set and which came only 6 chairs, cost nearly three times the price I paid AND the local business expected me to pay for delivery.

    The bottom line here is that if you are looking for a great deal on a dining room set you really need to check this guy out.
    You will not find a better deal ANYWHERE, and you certainly will not find FREE shipping.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this seller and that is something I simply do not normally do.

    Semper Fi

    John M. Snyder
    USMC Retired

  2. Gorgeous dining set

    Posted by Clivia from Alexandria, VA on 27th Oct 2013

    Got this dining set with the side chairs and I like them. No surprises here, it was what I was expecting. I'm happy with it overall.